Dr Michel Dandeneau

Your First Appointment

If you have never seen a psychologist before, the first appointment may bring about certain feelings and even apprehension. You may feel a certain urgency to speak with someone and to get help, but you may not be sure what to expect. Some people may feel shy or embarrassed about talking about their problems or their private lives. But generally these uneasy feelings only last a few minutes and will go away during the first visit.

At your first meeting, I will gather information on your problems and your expectations for therapy. Usually I will ask you when the problem began, in what circumstances, its impact on your interpersonal relationships and your occupation, what you have done to try and solve it, what seems to help and what seems to make it worse.

As a psychologist, I do not only treat the problem, I treat first and foremost the person with the problem. I may therefore also be interested in your personal history, including your current life situation (personal relationships, friends, family; work situation; life habits), your past experiences (family of origin, relationships with parents and siblings, school), as well as your hopes for the future (what you would like to accomplish with the rest of your life).

The first meeting is an opportunity to see how you feel with me as your psychologist. Do you feel that I can understand you, that you can trust me enough to open up and talk about personal thoughts and feelings? It’s also an opportunity for me to assess if I have the required knowledge and skills to help you. If so, I will suggest a therapeutic approach; if not, I could refer you to another specialist better suited to your needs.

If you are not comfortable with me as your psychologist, feel free to talk to me about it. If you are unable to talk to me about it, you may want to find another person to help you, especially if you have had just one or two sessions. However, if this uneasy feeling only appears after having begun the therapeutic relationship (for example, after several sessions), it would be best to make the effort to talk to the therapist about it because this ill feeling may be subconsciously related to the problem for which you are seeking help. This being said, it’s important to know that you are always free to continue or quit your therapy. In other words, you can stop when you feel the need to.

If You Have Already Made Your First Appointment

If you have already made your first appointment to see me, please fill out the “Personal Data” and “General Information and Office Policies” forms and click on HYPERLINK to send them online.

If you would rather not send the forms online, you can either fill them out and print them, or print them and fill them out by hand. You can then bring the completed forms to your first appointment.


Comment s'y rendre

My office is located at 117 Murray Street, suite 201, near the Byward Market. The building is close to Dalhousie Street, next to the French Baker and just behind the T&T Nail Spa . You cannot see the entrance from the street. You must enter through the wrought iron gates, take about 30 steps and the door is on your left. Do not bother ringing the bell, just enter and go to the second floor, suite 201. There, you will see my name on the door, just enter and have a seat in the waiting room.

Under the tab “How to reach me”, you will find a map explaining how to get to my office. Hyperlink.