Dr Michel Dandeneau

General Approach

My approach to psychotherapy is best described as relational and integrative.

It is relational in the sense that I believe a fundamental motivation in human beings is to relate with others. Emotional distress, behavioural problems and dysfunctional patterns occur within the context of relationships. Over a lifetime, we each develop (mostly unconsciously) our own unique patterns of relating to help us survive psychologically and to self-actualize, first in the family we grew up in, and then in the larger world outside the family.

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My approach is integrative in that I select and tailor to the person’s needs and concerns what has been proven to be best in various methods and schools in which I am trained and experienced and which I have researched, taught or supervised throughout my career. These include Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Object Relations Psychotherapy, and Schema Therapy. However, the integration is not done in an arbitrary fashion.

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